Press Qutes

"This is world music for everyone's taste - oriental sounds mixed with pop elements were loved by the audience."

"Exuberant joie de vivre - while playing their third encore the band was marching right through the audience."

"In the end, the enthusiastic audience didn't want the perfectly matching ensemble of German and African thoroughbred musicians to leave the stage."

"The songwriter, composer, singer, guitarist, percussionist and gembri player tells stories about his life in a very likeable, lively and passionate way."

"This is very emotional music", says the Moroccan bard and German passport owner about this mixture of sounds from North Africa, Black Africa, the Orient and Andalusia - without any fears about influences of European pop music."

"Kamal's songs are refreshingly uncomplicated, lively and above all a pleasant invitation to dance."

"With a charm and wit of its own the musician, who has been in Germany since 1990, campaigns for a tolerant coexistence. Kamal introduces himself as a frank and open citizen of the world cherishing a great affection for all human beings with all their failings and idiosyncracies. His lyrics deal with everyday trouble; although they are funny and ironic they also appeal to melancholy souls."

"The troupe of eight create a closely-woven and colourful sound that brings together styles of most different musical cultures. As it is to be expected of ethno pop the list of instruments includes the "Bendir", the North African Berber drum, "Oud", the lute, "Gembri" - a deep sounding lute with only three strings - as well as the violin, saxophone, keyboard and drums."

"The arrangements and instrumentation of his songs clearly express the distance from his home land. His mixture of pop ballads, Latin and Spanish guitar and oriental rhythms, which is particularly made for the dance floor, clearly show a sound concept whose language and songs reflect its Maghrib origin. But apart from that it could also have its origins in other parts of the world. So this is world music which deserves to be called such and which will not fail to have a rousing and thrilling effect particularly when being performed live on stage."