Kamal and his music

Singer and songwriter from Morocco. Living, composing and producing in Germany since 1990. Here, abroad, he remembers his roots, the melodies and rhythms of his homeland and his mother tongue. Kamal Ben Hicham mixes traditional North African rhythms from the Maghreb (Morocco) with influences from the Orient, Andalusia and Black Africa and combines them with modern pop music and groovy jazz improvisations. Out of this unusual mixture Kamal Ben Hicham produces a multicultural sound network that goes straight to the heart and makes you want to dance.

"Atarab", which means "being deeply touched", this is how Kamal Ben Hicham describes his musical philosophy. This Arabic word represents a combination of both emotion and his music-making and singing. Kamal's credo is emphasised by his very poetic lyrics, dealing with people and human relations - love and life. Today this still helps Kamal to develop his poetic reflections and diverse tunes, which can be seen as a bridge connecting Morocco and Germany, North Africa and Europe, and his musical beginnings with homemade brass instruments and his present professional skills as a singer and band leader. Kamal Ben Hicham's compositions unite not only a mixture of various musical styles but also a great variety of musical instruments. Today Kamal Ben Hicham presents himself as a mature musician and band leader with an expressive and charismatic voice and a professional stage presence.