Dikrayat Andalucia

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DIKRAYAT ANDALUCIA is Arabic meaning "Memories of Andalusia". This music is full of Andalusian elements and tunes as well as oriental compositions, Chaabi, Melhoun, Berber, Gnawa and traditional Moroccan rhythms such as Andalusie, Marssaoui … all in a modern arrangement combining pop with jazz.

DIKRAYAT ANDALUCIA offers the opportunity to remember the co-existence of different cultures and religions in Andalusia from the 8th to the 15th century- a period when the Arabs settled in Andalusia and a multicultural exchange between Christians, Arabs and Jews took place. Thus art and culture in a climate of tolerance. This can be seen as an exemplary era for living together, for peace and the appreciation and enjoyment of other cultures…



Kamal Ben Hicham: lead and background vocals, bendir, gembri, Rhani Krija: derbouka, tar, bendir, krakeb, bongo, tbal, conga, Josef Kirschgen: drums, Emmanuel Stanley:bass, Volker Heinze: kontra bass, bass, Ramón Gorigoitia: piano Simo Qzibri: violin Sergio Terán: alto saxophone, flute Willi Raabe: cello Michael Heupel: flute Michael Küttner: drums Hans Lüdemann: piano Dave King: bass Paul Shigihara: guitars

All songs written, composed and arranged by Kamal Ben Hicham, Recorded at WDR Studios in Köln by Brigitte Angerhausen, administrated by Armin Schwarzer except lead and back vocals in Hansa Haus studios by Klaus Genuit. Mixed and pre-mastered by Klaus Genuit.

Executive producer: Conny Paul assisted by Soraya Lorenz produced by Kamal Ben Hicham

I would like to thank Deutsche Welle for supporting the production of Dikrayat Andalucia, especially Conny Paul for all the coordination and co-production and Soraya Lorenz.

I thank every musician who participated in this work especially our band and guest musicians from different artsof Jazz and World music. Thanks to: Hans Lüdemann, Michael Küttner, Dave King, Michael Heupel, Paul Shigihara... Merci also to: Klaus Genuit for him being there for me, Brigitte Angerhausen, Armin Schwarzer for his Gentleness. Mani Zmarsley.