Al Mouhjir

Al Mouhajir Album-cover
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They call him AL MOUHAJIR, because he decided to leave his country. He travelled far in search of himself and his own identity, in order to live his life to the full.

His emigration is different from that of a bird which has set out in search of sustenance. AL MOUHAJIR can be found throughout the world, always among people. He thinks he has left everything behind him, yet his roots remain and can be seen to accompany him everywhere. AL MOUHAJIR embraces the New but mourns the Past at whose breast he lived and grew, the Past which gave him his first inspiration and nourished his soul to keep his life dynamic. AL MOUHAJIR, the peaceful man, who believes in his way of life, has left his native land and surrounded himself with the New.
This is the truth of AL MOUHAJIR, the brother of man.

LYRICS AND MUSIC COMPOSITION AND ARRANGEMENT: Kamal Ben Hicham except Hamam Lioum arranged by Raimund Kroboth and Kamal Ben Hicham



Kamal Ben Hicham: lead and background vocals, accoustic guitars, bass, bendir, gembri and claps, Josef Kirschgen: drums, Abdelrhani Krija: derbouka, tarr, conga, krakeb, bendir, claps and background vocals, Afra Mussawisade: bongo and ghatam, conga and shaker, djembé, Ramòn Gorigoitia: keyboards, piano, Martin Kübert: keyboards, piano, accordion, Hans-Peter Salentin: trumpet, Erdal Tosun: alto saxophone, Hennes Hehn: tenor saxophone, Edzard Modl: violin, Simohammed Qzibri: violin, background vocals, Willi Rabe: cello, Michael Heupel: flute, Mischa Stommel: bass, contra bass, Gregor Lindemann: bass, contra bass.

Recorded at HANSAHAUS STUDIOS, Bonn by Mani Zmarsly and Klaus Genuit. Mixed and mastered by Klaus Genuit, exept tracks 9, 11 mixed by Mani Zmarsly

Produced by Kamal Ben Hicham
Graphics by Silke Kowalewski, Photographic artwork by Dario Scandura, Inlaycard photography by Ulli Kaifer, English translation by Barbara Jahn, German translation by Susanne Ben Hicham and Brahim Ben Hicham, French translation by Sophie Benhicham and Brahim Ben Hicham